Heading back home…

My time in the United Arab Emirates has finally come to an end and my training here is now finished. This almost marks the end of my CPL training as upon my return to the UK I will complete the remaining flights before sitting my CPL Skills Test.

Living in the UAE for 11 months has been a huge experience and learning curve. The challenges faced have been different to those experienced during Ground School. Infrequent flying rates, weather cancellations (although not too many!) and a stand down period have been testing. However the feeling of achievement overrides the negatives. Learning to fly has been everything I thought and more, and being able to experience it in the middle of the desert is something I never thought would happen. Here are some top moments during my time in the United Arab Emirates…

Tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa
A day I’ll never forget, my first solo in A6-FTK!
PT1 passed which signified the end of my foundation phase of training…
Getting to grips with the Diamond and how a twin engine handles.
Probably my favourite picture since moving to the UAE last October!
Finishing my training in the United Arab Emirates, PT2 completed.
Surrounded by sand…
The most incredible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Although living in the UAE has been a wonderful experience and one I will never forget, the home comforts are something I’m extremely looking forward to – namely pork and beer. A brilliant beginning to the practical side of my journey to becoming a pilot and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks UAE!

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