My L3 selection tips!

Selection can be somewhat difficult to prepare for – you don’t know what to expect, how difficult it will be and you’ll be super nervous. Do not fret, my selection day with L3 Airline Academy was very relaxed and they were very welcoming.

The day is typically split into 2, the technical and non-technical skills areas. Here is what they consist of:

Technical: PILAPT and Maths Test

PILAPT – Perhaps the part of the day I was most nervous for. Having read many blogs online on what to expect, I can say that it surpassed all of those feelings I had anticipated. I would highly recommend using SKYTEST ( for practising anything and everything PILAPT; without this I wouldn’t have passed. PILAPT tested on 6 areas, mainly concentrating on areas which required focus and concentration as well as testing your capacity and speed at which you can monitor and complete tasks. The tasks seemed to get harder as they went on, however SKYTEST prepared me brilliantly for it as they were almost identical tasks. The examiners on the day even said that Captains of airlines still fail the test to this day – so don’t feel too hard on yourself if you don’t manage it first time.

Maths – I found this relatively straight forward having just done both GCSE and A Level Mathematics. For those who haven’t studied maths for a number of years, my tip would be to study the basics such as: long division and multiplication, conversions between fuel and currencies and speed, distance and time calculations. There was nothing in the 15 questions which necessarily throws you off, its just the time limit. 15 questions in 15 minutes can feel somewhat stressful.

Non-technical: Individual Interview and Group Assessment

Individual Interview – A very relaxed setting, the interviewer wants to get to know you and why you would be suitable to join L3 Airline Academy. Most of these questions are scenario based, e.g. “tell me a time when” or “give me an example of”. Before my interview, I brainstormed some key ideas which can help you prepare for those questions which you can expect – as I’m sure many will freeze at points like I did. Try to think outside of the box, I tried my best not to give the most generic answers even if they were true.

Group Assessment – I believe the key to passing this section of the assessment day is finding a correct balance. You want to come across as a good leader and listener, however being a good leader incorporates the individual being a team player and thus allowing others their opportunity to speak and voice their own opinion. The assessors give a scenario to the group, and as a team you must work to an end goal. This includes decision making, time keeping, brainstorming and finally collating. My main tip is to get involved as much as you can, a career in the aviation industry requires people to work as part of a day continuously so the assessors won’t be looking for those who are quiet.

Within a couple of weeks I found out my result stating I had been accept onto the Integrated ATPL programme, it was a truly incredible feeling that marked the beginning of my journey to the flight deck and something that I will never forget.

I only had 2 weeks between discovering out my result and starting the ATPL ground school in Southampton – before I knew it I was at my ‘First Flight Event’.

Good luck with your assessment and please get in touch if I can be of any more assistance.

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